Actively – Choose your thoughts

If you were to spend a day researching your thoughts, ask yourself, how much time do you actually feel in control of your thoughts and how many of them filter in from the past , into the present. What I mean by this is, does your mind just wander from thought to thought? or do you actively think, – I’m going to think about this subject now? This is something than you can do. Imagin if all your thoughts were positive, happy, harmonious, kind, loving and fun. How amazing would that feel? It’s not impossible to do this, and with my simple “theory on thought” which covers my very own “TimeLine Therapy” approach, plus guided techniques to acompany this powerful shift – you can achieve this. For further information you can contact me via email or telephone. I dont have to see you face to face, this can be done with a one off session either over the telephone or skype.