The Rumble

The Rumble

Sometimes, when things are changing around you, and you are unsure of the outcome, it can feel like your being “rumbled” from the inside out. There’s an uncertainty about what the future may bring and you may feel like you are more sensitive than usual. This can impact on your thoughts, emotions and perception of your outer world.


It has been scientifically proven that everything around us, including you, is vibrating. REALLY
Hard to get your head around, because you can’t see things vibrating, or feel yourself vibrating, it somehow doesn’t make sense.

If you can’t see it, or experience it it doesn’t exist, right. Think about bacteria, you all know about it, have it on you, or around you, but you can’t see it unless you have microscopic eyes. But it’s there.

The reason you are unable feel or see things vibrating is because it is vibrating at a frequency that the naked eye is unable to see.

Everything is made up of atoms and vibrates differently according to its frequency. You are made up of atoms, that join up together to make molecules. Depending on how the molecules join determines what they become.

Vibration comes in many forms, from the tapping of a drum, to the speed of light to the speed of sound. When you drop a stone in a pond, it usually ripples out, that is a perfect example of
vibration and the amount of ripples is the frequency.

Vibration is significant to our health and well-being. Vibration can be called resonance, when we are in good health, the body resonates at a good harmonic frequency.

When molecules in your body don’t flow at their correct rate, it kind of sets itself in a part of the body and can create disharmony within the body.

Some tips to keep yourself resonating at a positive harmonic frequency.

Believe in yourself, be kind to “you”. If this feeling doesn’t come natural to you, then make a conscious effort to change your thoughts to ones that are more positive. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

Try to stay away from stressful situations, people and places. This isn’t always possible and life can be challenging at times. Mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and visualisation are an effective method of reducing stress.

Ground yourself. If you have an opportunity, go for a walk, get some fresh air. Even if its for a short time, make this time for “You”. Whilst doing so, become aware of your senses, what do you see, hear, smell, feel.

Eat healthy foods and keep hydrated. You are made up of roughly 70% water. Keep your system in flow and drink the recommended daily amount of water.

Allow time for rest. In your busy life that you sometimes feel you are juggling, recognise that rest and sleep are essential. Make time and space for this.