Energy Life Coaching

Facilitating you to move forward and connect with your true self.

Over time and through challenging experiences, life can change you, and in this process you may become disconnected from your true self, you become a stranger to aspects of you. This can effect both your sense of self and your energy levels in mind, body and spirit, creating discord.

As an energy life coach, I will provide the space for your to explore what your blocks and barriers may be, I will suggest areas that may need clearing.

I will work with you in a way that you get to know “you” more. When you know yourself more, things can start to make more sense, connecting the cords and clearing the path for a freer journey ahead,  for you to feel “whole” again.

Energy Life sessions are usually 1 hour. Appointments can be held on the telephone or via Skype or you can come to see me in person. To book an appointment, please visit the “Contact” page on this website for further into.