Personal Well-Being Plan

My Personal Well-Being plan is designed for each individual, and is held over 4 sessions. Each session works with a specific area. All session are extremely powerful.  Once all session are attended, you will experience a shift that will enable you to move forward in your life. Each sessions last 1 hour 15 mins.

Stage One

My Personal Well-Being Plan starts with my gathering information, both verbally and through muscle testing the body.  By gathering this information, I am then able to focus on what areas of “you”, needs the focus and attention. This is the initial consultation which is vital and is the foundation that forms your unique Personal Well-Being Plan.

Stage Two

Mind :
The second stage is focused on clearing old , unwarned belief system and holographic patterns that keep you stuck and stagnant. This is usually manifested through the use of thought and vocabulary. After the information is gathered , I facilitate you to clear these with a combination of techniques. All of the techniques I use are gentle and pain free.

Stage Three

The third stage is all about working with your body, to clear away any negative energy blocks that may be held at cellular or tissue level. I gather this informairon through muscle testing. Stage three is performed lying down on a massage bed, fully clothed.

Stage Four

You will now be clearer in mind and body. Stage four of your Personal Well-Being Plan,  will include looking at areas that make up your life, such as Work, Rest, Sleep and Play & Nutritional advice.   This information is gathered through muscle testing and verbal communication. I will include advise you on your environment, such as your home and work,  suggesting ways in which you can create a clearer space, and using simple easily attainable items to improve your environment.

I have designed my “Personal Well-Being Plan”, to include all elements of your physical body & your life,  this programme also works on all energetic levels.  It is advised that you carry out all four sessions and leave at least one week in-between each session for your system to embody the benefits.

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Personal Well-Being Plan cost £150.

Personal Well-Being plan, Bristol