B UK 2018.

Donna Lane did two sessions of Life Alignment with me over the last half year. I am interested in energy healing and psychic healing and have received healing from other people in the past. What was new for me apart from the approach, was that we did this via Skype. I have never received distant healing before, but was very open to try it out and see what happens. I found the actual sessions to be gentle but also very revealing. I was fascinated by the information that came up and the causes that presented themselves for my problems. It was all the more significant as the information that came up was definitely nothing Donna would have known about me. The treatment itself had a carthartic effect each time.

I have know Donna for years and love the way she works with people and the energy she has. I think she is a very safe person to receive treatment from and recommend her highly.

K UK 2017.

After one Life Alighment Session, Donna was able to gather detailed information from an experience that happened many years ago, which at the time the event happened, made a huge impact on me. Even though it was years and years ago, it always seemed to be around, like it never left me. It would often appear in my thoughts and caused upset and even physical symptoms. With the gentle and very effective session, Donna explained everything and made me feel so safe and comfortable. After the session, I felt so much better and I dont even think about the event anymore.

L South of England UK 2017.

Donna helped me to see some of the barriers that I actually put in place myself , after Life Alighment and combined Life Coaching Sessions, Donna was able to identify the root cause of these negative actions, feelings and behaviours. I was able to understand and see why? and I have now released ( with the aid of Donna’s treatments) what had been holding me back for so many years and my life has changed in so many positive ways.

T Wales UK 2016.

No more negative thoughts or feelings and I feel normal again after some sessions with Donna.

CDB, South Wales UK 2016.

My sleep cycle, like that of many mothers with young children, was completely wrecked for years after my daughter was born. I struggled with it so badly and for so long that I never imagined it would be possible to remedy – and even if it was, I had no clue where to begin. When Donna suggested that we try a combination of Health Kinesiology and Kinetic Chain Release treatments, I was so desperate for any sleep (but especially deep quality sleep!) that I was more than willing to give it a go.

One of the things I love most about Health Kinesiology is that it is based on the wisdom that is innate to our own physical bodies around what we most need to restore a sense of balance and ease. It puts you back in immediate, albeit unspoken communication with the most intangible and minute levels of your awareness, relationship with your body and emotional Self.

Additionally, Donna possesses an extremely deep understanding of you as a multi-dimensional physical, mental, emotional and energetic being. I love this unique and incredibly valuable aspect of the way in which she works with the individual as a whole.

Within weeks of working with her, there seemed to be an almost magical sequence of events that occurred which were all connected to changing, for want of a better term, the ‘energetic imprint’ around my being able to more fully have much better quality downtime and sleep. It felt the most natural thing in the world to redecorate and re-furnish my bed and bedroom but in hindsight, my sense is that the deep inner work with Donna was intimately tied to the outer changes, that without a doubt, needed to occur.

I am so happy to say that just a couple months on, my quality and depth of sleep have been completely revolutionised. For the first time in many years, I feel rested and this has positively impacted my sense of well-being and effectiveness in absolutely every other area of my life.

If you are struggling with a complaint and feel strongly about addressing your needs on ALL levels, I highly, highly recommend you get in touch with Donna. You will find in her work more support and help than you ever imagined existed and would be possible for you.