Needs Vs Wants

Whilst out walking earier today, I starting to think about “needs” and “wants”. If you can think about the two as forces, you would probabily agree that a “need” has a stronger force pushing behind it? When one refer’s to a “need”, it is usually attached to something that “needs” to be done, doesn’t have much of the “want” around and therfore has an eliment of resistance. However, like two sides of a magnet, a “need” can be so strong that it pulls you, and sometimes in directions that may end up with outcomes that are potentially, negative. Think about what your needs are trying to tell you. If you are able to recognise your “needs” and seperate them, you may be able to replace the “need” that sends you in negative directions. For a more personal “Needs vs Wants” reading, you can email me to request an appt.

The Current Imbalance

I believe that there is an current imbalance in what we perceive in the word. I am using the word “current” as an adjective and a noun. The adjective being, belonging to the present time, and the noun as, a flow resulting from the ordered directional movements. What I am trying to explain is that society has developed a condition and in this condition, we have become more focused on whats wrong as appose to whats right. Because of this, we have created and Imbalance and are continuing to feed it “ as such”.

Let me try to explain what I mean. For example, its not hard to open a newspaper to discover that most of its contents is about whats going wrong, or whats wrong. Switch on your TV and the news, soap opera story lines are all packed with negative story lines. Of course this is to keep the viewers viewing and its also reality, but this in itself distorts our perception of life and the world that we live in.

I want to move one to thinking about yourself, and how you view yourself and your life. All to often, it is so easy to think or feel that you “could have done better” or “ if only I had”. Very rarely people have the sense that they are happy and content. And if they are, this is usually followed with the all to familiar inner critic re enforcing the sense of whatever one does, is never enough.

Im not asking people to ignore whats wrong in thee world, we need to keep trying to help and fix because its human nature to do so. We also need to know whats wrong, to try to make it right. We can all do our little bit whatever that may be. Nor am I suggesting that one should cease to continue to achieve and strive to reach ones’ optimum. But what Im suggesting is to become more aware of whats right in yourself and in the world. We are so familiar and surrounded with whats wrong that we have become a stranger to whats right in our lives and in the world we live in.

How about waking up and being grateful for that and recognising that, waking up is right. And turning on the running hot water in your shower or bath, and reminding yourself that, thats also right. These are simple everyday things in our environment that we have become so accustomed to, that we simply don’t acknowledge that its workings are working, and are “right”.

Focusing on your bodily functions and reminding yourself that these are working “right”. The car starting, the supermarket stocked with all your food, the traffic moving in the same direction, all these function and work perfectly every day and are “right”. The tree in the garden growing, the birds flying, the sun rising, the seasons changing, these are all “right”. You can go on and on and on and so you should. Don’t stop with your immediate life and whats surrounding you, think about the bigger picture.Think big and think “right”.

Every single day there are so many things in this beautiful world that is “right”, we’ve just taken our focus off it and this is what I believe needs to be acknowledged more to create the balance. In doing so, I know that you will create your world, it may not be perfect, but is will seem a lot more” righter” than wrong.

Practice seeing, acknowledging and experiencing whats right in your world every day. You get back what you put in. Its not just reality you are adjusting to a balance, but it actually feels nicer too.