Inner Bully

Do you find yourself putting yourself down? That familiar inner voice saying, “If only I could do better” or “that wasn’t good enough”. You are actually criticising yourself and disapproving what you may have achieved or behaved like. It’s not literally a voice, but rather your own thoughts turning on you?!!! Ahhhrr. It has been named the inner critic, but I refer to it as the “Inner Bully”. Try to think for a moment outside of yourself, if you saw someone speaking to another, in the same way your “Inner Bully” speaks to you, what would you do?

It’s also maybe useful to think about why a bully, bullies? Quite often a bully feels threatened, jealous or inferior of the person they are bullying. But this can’t be the case with the “Inner Bully” because you are it, it’s not coming from another, but it can be useful to know the dynamics of a bully.

A way of combating the “Inner Bully” is to be aware of when your “Inner Bully” is most active. It tends to be when you may have achieved something, or in a social setting where you have been interacting with others. Some simple steps to help you literally get rid of your “Inner Bully”.

Become more aware of it’s presence, that way you can then start to action a different thought process.
Acknowledge its existence, but don’t give it any attention. Move on, quickly as though you are meeting a bully in the street. You wouldn’t want to interact with a bully.
Become your own friend. Sounds a bit odd, but try to be kinder to yourself. Say nice things to yourself, do nice things. You deserve it.
Persevere and persist. Keep on doing the above, the more you do this, the more your “Inner Bully” is no longer welcome.

Simple equation

Be kinder to yourself + be your own best friend


A very happy, positive, full of self -love, YOU.

Hitting a brick wall

At some point in your life, you may have experienced that feeling of “Hitting a Brick Wall”. When no matter what you do, or tryHitting a brick wall to do, you never seem to move forward and get over or through the “Brick Wall”. It may be that you are experiencing this right now, or have done in the past. Whatever your situation, it may be worth having a closer look, but not neccassarily at the wall.

I wanted to share that when I was taking this picture on my daily walk, I was so focused on taking the picture, that I actually stepped in dog mess. Yuk. I had a laught to myself, but it just highlighted what I wanted to write. I was so focused on the subject, i.e the wall, that I wasn’t taking any notice of what was around me. This can be worth looking at when you have that “brick wall’ scenario. Rather than focus on what you are not achieving, try to look at what is around the circumstance or situation that you are in. Is there something around that needs your attention?

It may also be that whatever you are trying to acheive, just needs abit of time. Give “time-time”. If you want something to happen, which is right for you, the universe will deliver it, but in it’s time, not yours. Sometimes, you may not have all the things in place for you to move forward and until everything is in place, the brick wall will not budge.

It’s an excellent opportunity to think about what you don’t want to take with you, when you get to the other side of the wall. What is no longer serving a purpose in your life.

Also, when you think of a brick wall, what is it for. Its a “boundary”, a “separation”, of sorts. Whatever you are trying to get through, remember, there is alwasy something on the other side, that is a definate. We are constanly moving, explore the sence of hitting that brick wall, it will be trying to teach you something. Enjoy and rejoyce when you get through, around or over the brick wall and get to the other side of it. I can assure you, you will be much stronger and wiser with the experience.

Dust Down Your Excitment Feeling

Remember when you get excited, your whole body feel’s it, doesn’t it? Quite often, as children we would get really excited. Or if there is a big event or experience in life, you get excited. As time goes on, for various reasons, our excitment feeling just doesn’t seem to be as activate as much as it used to. When it does, there seems to be of a layer of dust which has settled and caused your “excitment” to be knumbed and dulled down. Event’s that one would explain as “amazing”, quite often your body and mind is not in tandem with the word and you don’t get the full body and mind, felt sense. Some have a sence that their excitment in life has been lost and gone forever.

Your “excitment feeling” doesn’t go anywhere, its always been there, always will be there, and can be reactivated. That euphoric feeling your whole body would feel can “feel” like that again, whatever the circumstance or experience may be.

With my simple guided techniques, you can restore your excitment feeling to its natural state. How exciting does that sound? For further information, please contact me to arrange an appointment.

Needs Vs Wants

Whilst out walking earier today, I starting to think about “needs” and “wants”. If you can think about the two as forces, you would probabily agree that a “need” has a stronger force pushing behind it? When one refer’s to a “need”, it is usually attached to something that “needs” to be done, doesn’t have much of the “want” around and therfore has an eliment of resistance. However, like two sides of a magnet, a “need” can be so strong that it pulls you, and sometimes in directions that may end up with outcomes that are potentially, negative. Think about what your needs are trying to tell you. If you are able to recognise your “needs” and seperate them, you may be able to replace the “need” that sends you in negative directions. For a more personal “Needs vs Wants” reading, you can email me to request an appt.

The Current Imbalance

I believe that there is an current imbalance in what we perceive in the word. I am using the word “current” as an adjective and a noun. The adjective being, belonging to the present time, and the noun as, a flow resulting from the ordered directional movements. What I am trying to explain is that society has developed a condition and in this condition, we have become more focused on whats wrong as appose to whats right. Because of this, we have created and Imbalance and are continuing to feed it “ as such”.

Let me try to explain what I mean. For example, its not hard to open a newspaper to discover that most of its contents is about whats going wrong, or whats wrong. Switch on your TV and the news, soap opera story lines are all packed with negative story lines. Of course this is to keep the viewers viewing and its also reality, but this in itself distorts our perception of life and the world that we live in.

I want to move one to thinking about yourself, and how you view yourself and your life. All to often, it is so easy to think or feel that you “could have done better” or “ if only I had”. Very rarely people have the sense that they are happy and content. And if they are, this is usually followed with the all to familiar inner critic re enforcing the sense of whatever one does, is never enough.

Im not asking people to ignore whats wrong in thee world, we need to keep trying to help and fix because its human nature to do so. We also need to know whats wrong, to try to make it right. We can all do our little bit whatever that may be. Nor am I suggesting that one should cease to continue to achieve and strive to reach ones’ optimum. But what Im suggesting is to become more aware of whats right in yourself and in the world. We are so familiar and surrounded with whats wrong that we have become a stranger to whats right in our lives and in the world we live in.

How about waking up and being grateful for that and recognising that, waking up is right. And turning on the running hot water in your shower or bath, and reminding yourself that, thats also right. These are simple everyday things in our environment that we have become so accustomed to, that we simply don’t acknowledge that its workings are working, and are “right”.

Focusing on your bodily functions and reminding yourself that these are working “right”. The car starting, the supermarket stocked with all your food, the traffic moving in the same direction, all these function and work perfectly every day and are “right”. The tree in the garden growing, the birds flying, the sun rising, the seasons changing, these are all “right”. You can go on and on and on and so you should. Don’t stop with your immediate life and whats surrounding you, think about the bigger picture.Think big and think “right”.

Every single day there are so many things in this beautiful world that is “right”, we’ve just taken our focus off it and this is what I believe needs to be acknowledged more to create the balance. In doing so, I know that you will create your world, it may not be perfect, but is will seem a lot more” righter” than wrong.

Practice seeing, acknowledging and experiencing whats right in your world every day. You get back what you put in. Its not just reality you are adjusting to a balance, but it actually feels nicer too.

Actively – Choose your thoughts

If you were to spend a day researching your thoughts, ask yourself, how much time do you actually feel in control of your thoughts and how many of them filter in from the past , into the present. What I mean by this is, does your mind just wander from thought to thought? or do you actively think, – I’m going to think about this subject now? This is something than you can do. Imagin if all your thoughts were positive, happy, harmonious, kind, loving and fun. How amazing would that feel? It’s not impossible to do this, and with my simple “theory on thought” which covers my very own “TimeLine Therapy” approach, plus guided techniques to acompany this powerful shift – you can achieve this. For further information you can contact me via email or telephone. I dont have to see you face to face, this can be done with a one off session either over the telephone or skype.

Become confortable with your uncomfortableness

You may have noticed that there are afew spelling mistakes throughout this website. You may also feel that some of the paragraphs on this site could have been written in better English. I have specifically left this site “Unedited”. Why???? Firstly, it’s what I have written freely, without any critical intervention from myself that may not be 100% correct. Its part of what I promote within oneself to accept that, it’s OK not to be perfect – whatever perfect is. It also connects with the paragraph I wrote on the “Current Imbalance”. Rather than forcusing on what’s wrong – notice whats right.

The Rumble

The Rumble

Sometimes, when things are changing around you, and you are unsure of the outcome, it can feel like your being “rumbled” from the inside out. There’s an uncertainty about what the future may bring and you may feel like you are more sensitive than usual. This can impact on your thoughts, emotions and perception of your outer world.


It has been scientifically proven that everything around us, including you, is vibrating. REALLY
Hard to get your head around, because you can’t see things vibrating, or feel yourself vibrating, it somehow doesn’t make sense.

If you can’t see it, or experience it it doesn’t exist, right. Think about bacteria, you all know about it, have it on you, or around you, but you can’t see it unless you have microscopic eyes. But it’s there.

The reason you are unable feel or see things vibrating is because it is vibrating at a frequency that the naked eye is unable to see.

Everything is made up of atoms and vibrates differently according to its frequency. You are made up of atoms, that join up together to make molecules. Depending on how the molecules join determines what they become.

Vibration comes in many forms, from the tapping of a drum, to the speed of light to the speed of sound. When you drop a stone in a pond, it usually ripples out, that is a perfect example of
vibration and the amount of ripples is the frequency.

Vibration is significant to our health and well-being. Vibration can be called resonance, when we are in good health, the body resonates at a good harmonic frequency.

When molecules in your body don’t flow at their correct rate, it kind of sets itself in a part of the body and can create disharmony within the body.

Some tips to keep yourself resonating at a positive harmonic frequency.

Believe in yourself, be kind to “you”. If this feeling doesn’t come natural to you, then make a conscious effort to change your thoughts to ones that are more positive. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

Try to stay away from stressful situations, people and places. This isn’t always possible and life can be challenging at times. Mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and visualisation are an effective method of reducing stress.

Ground yourself. If you have an opportunity, go for a walk, get some fresh air. Even if its for a short time, make this time for “You”. Whilst doing so, become aware of your senses, what do you see, hear, smell, feel.

Eat healthy foods and keep hydrated. You are made up of roughly 70% water. Keep your system in flow and drink the recommended daily amount of water.

Allow time for rest. In your busy life that you sometimes feel you are juggling, recognise that rest and sleep are essential. Make time and space for this.

Letting go of rubbish

A dear friend of mine was out walking with his dog Harley the other day, and whilst walking, he came across litter that had obviously been left by whomever. At first his immediate response was of anger and disgust at the people or person who had left it. He picked it up and put it in a plastic bag which he carried and, continued his walk. He picked up more and more litter and each time, felt annoyed and angry that someone could do such a thing and have such disregard for the countryside. At the end of the walk his once, empty pastic bag was now full of other peoples rubbish. To accompany this, his mind and body was also full of anger, annoyance and resentment. When he stopped at a public bin to dispose of the pastic bag which contained the other people’s rubbish , he paused for a short while and reflected on his walk. At the beginning of his walk, he was full of happiness, a sence of well-being and innner peace, looking forward to his planned walk and mother natures wonders, but through picking up other peoples rubbish, his state of mind and body changed and his overall well-being had been replaced with his choice to allow other people’s behaviour change his natural harmonious state.

Putting the bag full of rubbish in the bin, he became mindful and allowed himself to bin’ the feelings he had also picked up along the way.

Note to Self: Don’t allow or let other’s people’s rubbish effect your overall well-being. Aways remember, you have a choice.