Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology is a treatment which involves muscle testing to communicate with the body’s energy system, by verbally asking the body for answers. Based on ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Health Kinesiology works by balancing the flow of energy around a person’s system.

Our body has the ability to heal itself and does this quite naturally on a daily basis. Sometimes this is not possible and our system needs a bit of help. Different factors can upset the bodies flow of energy, which can in turn lead to the system to become out of balance or even blocked. These factors can include: EMF Electromagnetic frequencies, emotional or psychological stress, anxiety, physical trauma, surgery, environmental toxins, diet, and allergies.

When a persons system is blocked, it can stop the natural energy flow from working correctly, this can lead to areas of the system to forget how to grow and work properly.

Your body knows best

The mind can sometimes give people mixed messages,this can become confusing and frustrating as to “what’s best”. Gentle muscle testing opens a channel of communication, by allowing the body to provide the answers.

In correcting the flow of energy throughout the body, treatment can:

  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Prevent illness
  • Boost your own healing mechanisms and immunity
  • Release negative thinking or behaviour patterns
  • Overcome fears and worries
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Sharpen mental focus
  • Improve awareness
  • Improve coordination
  • Raise your energy and mental alertness
  • Help relieve pain and emotional stress
  • Improve energy flow within the body
  • Aid the body’s self regulatory and detoxification
  • Boost confidence and personal motivation.
  • Release the negative and unwanted blocks in the body.

Sessions last approx 1 hour, most people find Health Kinesiology sessions very relaxing, and some feel upliften, lighter and ‘clearer’ after a treatment. HK sessions are powerful and deep-reaching, and work on many levels which can bring about major energy changes. This can result in temporary feelings of tiredness and sleepiness, or other slight symptoms. This is a good sign, and an indication that a healing process has begun.

By balancing all aspects of the person, Health Kinesiology, puts the body in an optimum state for self-healing.

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